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Drumstick Grips from Gig Grips - no more drummer gloves or stick tape.
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Gig Grips  - easy to fit and use...

Gig Grips easy to fit to your drumsticks
Gig Grips easy to adjust on your drumsticks
Gig Grips easy to slip onto any finger
Gig Grips - play with a looser grip

1. Fit from butt end and form a loop.

2. Adjust for position and size.

3. Slip over any finger or thumb.

4. Grip normally but looser and drum.

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips give you 100% Drumming!


If you are constantly adjusting your grip, stopping your sticks slipping or are experiencing fatigue or pain then you are not giving 100% to your drumming. Gig Grips let you relax your grip and get on with the music. That's why pro drummers around the world rely on Gig Grips for touring and important gigs. They can give a 100% drumming performance. See Gig Grips in action on our Video Page.

Drumming with Gig Grips

Gig Grips - whatever your grip!

Explore new Drumming Techniques with Gig Grips!


As well as relaxing your grip you can experiment with new techniques that are only playable with Gig Grips. Try playing rim taps letting the Gig Grip hold the stick. This enables you to go from a full rock pattern into a rim click without readjusting your grip. Also try playing with almost no grip when doing subtle jazz work. See our FAQS.



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US Patent 7968782 & UK Patent GB2460718 apply - Gig Grips may contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

Images may show black or cream grips for clarity - actual grips are 'clear' color except for special offers.

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Drumming with Gig Grips
Drumming with Gig Grips
Drumming with Gig Grips
Drumming with Gig Grips
Drumming with Gig Grips
Drumming with Gig Grips