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At Gig Grips we support drum education in a number of ways. We get involved in education events, provide Gig Grips to approved drum tutors and colleges, and encourage the next generation of drummers. We are delighted by the NAMM Foundation's music education program and Gig Grips designer, Kevin Mackie is often invited to speak at schools, colleges and universities.



An Interview with Rip Phelan lead drum instructor, Frisco School of Music.


1. How did you learn about Gig Grips?

 I was on a forum about wrist injury and someone suggested a glove with straps. I thought that would be a bit cumbersome for my students. I found gig grips in Drumhead magazine and thought 'that's more like it'


2. How do they benefit your students?

 They don't drop their sticks any more which means less time to switch between exercises. The sticks are in the best position for their hands. When they open their hands the gig grips allow them to feel the rebound stroke and they intuitively adjust the trajectory to a more efficient one. Instead if twisting their arms or using their biceps they use their wrists in the up and down movement. When we start talking about up, down, tap and full strokes, the gig grips allow them to let the sticks do more of the work naturally.


3. What would you say to other drummers considering using gig Grips?

 They are perfect for the heavy hitters an those who play long sets. You can play with full volume but let go so the energy is transferred to the sticks and not into the hands and up the arms.

 For finesse players, experiment with putting the gig grips on the index fingers. This allows for more squeeze on buzz strokes and faster, more controlled rebounds without over tightening.


4. Tell me about your role and about the school.


 I am the lead drum instructor for the Frisco School of Music with over thirty private students. I write the curriculum for student achievement auditions - which are like juries or level/skills testing. I coach students performing with bands on how to make better musical choices within their abilities. I also lead the faculty band for our band blowout shows that occur throughout the year.


The Frisco School of Music is the largest music school in the city having taught over 6000 students since we opened in the fall of 2000. As Frisco’s original music school more music students have taken lessons here than anywhere else!


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