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Gig Grips Drumstick Grips - used by pro drummers

Drummer with Scouting for Girls, Peter Ellard, uses Gig Grips drum stick grips on tour and on recordings.

"Gig Grips let me play faster and harder without dropping a stick."

Peter Ellard

Scouting for Girls - triple-platinum selling

Mike Arturi of Lovin' Spoonful always has Gig Grips with him on tour.
Mike Arturi

Lovin' Spoonful - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"I always have Gig Grips

in my stick bag."

Gig Grips drumming professionals

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips - popular with drum tutors

Gig Grips - used by drum schools for a correct grip"With Gig Grips the sticks are in the best position for your hands and let you feel the rebound stroke and intuitively adjust the trajectory.

You can play full volume but the energy is transferred to the sticks and not into the hands.

For finesse players, try the Gig Grips on the index fingers for more squeeze on buzz strokes and faster, more controlled rebounds without over tightening. "

Rip Phelan, Frisco School of Music

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips - as seen on tour and TV

Drumming Legend Phil Collins used Gig Grips (at the Royal Albert Hall supporting Eric Clapton and Queen). Phil had difficulty gripping his sticks and used Gig Grips for this major performance in front of a world TV audience and the Prince of Wales. Unlike other companies we don't pay drummers to endorse our products. They choose to play Gig Grips. That's because high profile drummers don't want to slip a stick and need to give their best drumming performance.


Gig Grips have been used on worldwide TV during a live Grammys performance by Beyonce. They have been used on world tours, at major gigs and for long recording days by chart-topping bands. Scouting for Girls are a Triple-Platinum selling band and they use Gig Grips, "you don't want to drop a stick in front of 35,000 fans", Pete Ellard, Drummer.


Gig Grips take away the barriers to your best performance, get some today. Just some drummers seen using Gig Grips on stage and on TV include:


Santa Davis (Ziggy Marley), Marcie Chapa (Beyonce), Kimberley Thompson (Beyonce), Pete Ellard (Scouting for Girls), Toto Poznantek (Gloria Estefan, BB King, James Brown), Jerohn Garnett (Mariah Carey), Sallaberry (Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers), Blair McMillan (Pearl and the Puppets), Lanise Hughes (Rick James, Temptations), Rich Lambert (Enrique Iglesias), Lee Agnew (Nazareth))... as well as thousands of drummers in over 40 countries who are currently using Gig Grips! Shouldn't YOU be drumming with Gig Grips!


US Patent 7968782 & UK Patent GB2460718 apply - Gig Grips contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

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