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Gig Grips Reviews

"Freedom to focus on musicality instead of technique." MODERN DRUMMER

"Simplicity... a neat, low-cost solution!" DRUMMER MAGAZINE

"Simple and Effective." - DRUM PRODUCT REVIEWS

"A quality lIttle item. Worth the coin." - VDRUMS

Drummer Magazine review of Gig Grips


"…simple and effective.  They are comfortable to use and don’t really get in the way while playing. I noticed I could relax my grip a little and still play without worrying about doing any unintentional stick tricks!"



"Fitting them was easy...they really stay-put once on. Once you get used to the feeling of the grip in your palm (takes a few minutes) you forget you have them on and can concentrate on relaxing your grip... I think most drummers could really use them to their advantage. The idea's good and the Gig Grips themselves are a quality little item. Worth the coin."


Modern Drummer Magazine review of Gig Grips


US Patent 7968782 & UK Patent GB2460718 apply - Gig Grips contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

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