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Katsen Louis plays Gig Grips
Joyzi of Breed 77 plays Gig Grips
Johnny Rhodes plays Gig Grips
Tom Freeman plays Gig Grips

Q. What material are Gig Grips made of?

A. We researched the best material for gigging. We ruled out lots of materials. Rubber or elastic causes abrasion of the fingers, doesn't grip the stick tight enough so the stick slips forward, and the material is not tough enough to avoid sudden breakage.


Gig Grips are made from Platinum-Cured silicon to achieve a highly smooth surface for your finger and a high friction surface against the stick. The material extends to over 600% it's size before breakage. The holes are precision cut to avoid nicks and edges that would cause splitting.

Ghost Gig Grips use platinum-cured silicon compounds.

Q. Will Gig Grips fit my sticks?

A. Gig Grips will fit any size of normal drumstick.

Q. How do I fit Gig Grips to my sticks?

A. Gig Grips are fitted from the butt end of the stick and pulled down to your normal grip position, and then adjusted to just the right gap for your finger. The Gig Grips should cling tightly to the stick but be loose around your finger for comfort.

Q. Are Gig Grips comfortable?

A. Gig Grips are comfortable as they do not cling to your fingers, just the sticks. They are

made from a super-smooth compound.

Q. How long will Gig Grips last?

A. It depends on usage and playing style. Most drummers buy new Gig Grips with new sticks.

We have drummers re-buying after 3 months, 6 months and a year, so it depends on your playing.

Q. What happens if a stick breaks?

A. As Gig Grips are just looped over your finger, you can swipe a broken stick off with your other hand and grab a fresh stick.

Q. Why are Gig Grips better than Gloves, Tape or Wax?

A. Gig Grips let air through to your palms for cooler play - and you touch your sticks, not sweaty gloves, sticky wax or lumpy tape. Gig Grips let you play drums the way you were meant to: with a relaxed, natural grip. They also let you actually touch your sticks. There is no better way to keep in touch with the beat than actually sensing the wood of your sticks!

Q. Can Gig Grips help with drumming injuries?

A. Research by the Performing Arts Medicine Institute, in Terrassa, Spain over a period of two years has found that Gig Grips helped drummers with reduced grip as a result of injuries from over-use and trauma. They have helped drummers with grip problems to drum again. By encouraging a more relaxed, natural grip, Gig Grips can help drummers to avoid injury. Research by the Performing Arts Medicine Institute, in Terrassa has shown that 85% of drummers will sustain an injury and 30% will miss a performance or end their career early as a result of injury.

Q. Can I become a Gig Grips endorsee?

A. We are happy to work with pro drummers who currently play and love Gig Grips. Contact us to discuss  how we could work together. You need to be a gigging drummer with a high profile.

Q. Can I buy Gig Grips for my store?

A. We have arrangements with distributors and stores but always happy to hear from enthusiastic industry professionals about selling Gig Grips.

Lanise Hughes plays Gig Grips
John Halliwell plays Gig Grips
Pat Lundy with Gig Grips
Rich Lambert plays Gig Grips


USA & UK Patents apply - Gig Grips contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

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