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Drum Harder, Drum Faster, Drum for Longer with Gig Grips

Invincible on Drum Sticks - Invisible on Stage

Paul Garisto The Psychedelic Furs

Paul Garisto

The Psychedelic Furs

Gig Grips Ghost - the clear winner - drumstick grips.

"Platinum-cured Gig Grips Drumstick Grips, the clear winner!"

The audience should be gripped by your drumming performance, not your stick grips. Gig Grips drumstick grips are virtually invisible on stage.


You drum with confidence and get all the glory. Gig Grips drumstick grips use a special platinum-cured material for a smooth feel yet are tough enough for the hardest gig.


Why wear gloves, use tape or sticky wax, just slip on Gig Grips and drum! Simple. BUY NOW. Also available at AMAZON in the UK and Europe - just search for Gig Grips from Think9 Ltd.



Gig Grips Ghost grips for drummers
Ghost Gig Grips drumstick grips on drum kit

Because nothing should come between you and your sticks!

Gig Grips drumstick grips are used around the world by top drummers for recording, gigs and also to overcome performance-limiting injuries.


Drumming legend Phil Collins used Gig Grips to help him with grip issues whilst drumming at the Royal Albert Hall with Eric Clapton and Queen.


Drum Harder, Drum Faster, Drum for Longer with Gig Grips.

The Simple alternative to Tape, Wax and Drummer Gloves.

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USA & UK Patents apply - Gig Grips contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

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