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Gig Grips Reviews

"Freedom to focus on musicality instead of technique." MODERN DRUMMER

"Simplicity... a neat, low-cost solution!" DRUMMER MAGAZINE

"Simple and Effective." - DRUM PRODUCT REVIEWS

"A quality lIttle item. Worth the coin." - VDRUMS

Drummer Magazine review of Gig Grips


Modern Drummer Magazine review of Gig Grips

"…simple and effective.  They are comfortable to use and don’t really get in the way while playing. I noticed I could relax my grip a little and still play without worrying about doing any unintentional stick tricks!"



"Fitting them was easy...they really stay-put once on. Once you get used to the feeling of the grip in your palm (takes a few minutes) you forget you have them on and can concentrate on relaxing your grip... I think most drummers could really use them to their advantage. The idea's good and the Gig Grips themselves are a quality little item. Worth the coin."



USA & UK Patents apply - Gig Grips contain a rubber compound do not use if you have a latex sensitivity.

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